Welcome to Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda, a complete guide list showing all tourist attractions, activities, lodges in the Park. Enjoy the Primate Safari Tours in Rwanda, Hiking Trek Adventures in Africa

Nyungwe National Park lies in south-west corner of Rwanda, at the border with Burundi to the south and Lake Kivu and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west. Nyungwe National Park is an untouched natural rain forest that is filled with exciting biodiversity The Nyungwe Forest probably is one of the best preserved montane rain forest in Central Africa.

The Park was established in 2004 and covers an area of approximately 970 km2 of rain forest, bamboo, grassland, swamps, and bogs. The nearest town is Cyangugu, 54 km to the west. Mount Bigugu is located within the park borders.

Nyungwe’s biodiversity is astonishing by African standards, and is one of the most endemic species-rich areas in all of Africa. Whilst the terrain and undergrowth make chimpanzee tracking a challenge, the forest is also home to Rwenzori colobus monkeys including a four hundred-strong semi-habituated group thought to be the largest troop of arboreal primates in Africa.

Nyungwe Forest Natural Biodiversity

The Nyungwe forest has a wide bio-diversity of animal species, making it a priority for conservation in Africa. The park contains 13 primate species 275 bird species, 1068 plant species, 85 mammal species, 32 amphibian and 38 reptile species, 120 species of butterfly and the occasional, ever-changing chameleon hiding in the bushes.

Many of these animals are restricted-range species that are only found in the Albertine Rift montane forests Eco – region in Africa.

The primate fauna include; Rwenzori Colobus, Chimpanzees, L’Hoest’s monkeys, silver monkey, golden monkey, and the owl faced monkey, red tailed monkey, vervet monkey, the olive baboon, and the grey cheeked Mangabey and the three species of bush baby.

Accessibility to Nyungwe National Park

Drive from Kigali – Nyanza, to Huye and finally Nyungwe National Park. The drive takes approximately 6-7 hours depending on your stopovers.

Alternatively you can fly using the services of Akagera Aviation. The main entrance is at Uwinka on the main Cyangugu – Huye road. It’s about 55km from Cyangugu and 90km from Huye. The road is mostly in good condition. There are regular buses along the route and hitching is also an option.

Buses are often full when the reach here so if you’re getting a bus out it may be best to try and book your ticket in advance. If travelling from Cyangugu ignore the sign in town that says its 20km and further ignore the sign 15km from Cyangugu directing you right up a dirt track. These refer to a small off shoot of the park, not the park proper.

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