Community Based Tourism

Numerous community based tourism initiatives have been launched in the Nyungwe National Park to enhance the preservation of Rwandan culture, and one such project is the Kitabi Cultural Village. Situated at the eastern edge of the park, the cultural village features a campsite, a restaurant and for those interested in Rwandan history, a model of the king’s palace. The Village also offers three different day trips that bring traditional Rwandan culture to life for visitors with activities such as a dance ceremony, banana beer production and bow-and-target shooting. And to top it off, for $ 40 U.S. a night, you can stay in traditional Rwandan thatched hut accommodation.

Another location in the Nyungwe National Park offering a community-based tourism product is the Banda Village. Located in the heart of the park and easily accessible via a downhill hike from the end of the Canopy Walk, the village provides visitors the opportunity to learn more about Rwandan culture through community walks where activities such as traditional medicine making and maize-grinding are performed and taught. And if you book an overnight trip, you’ll be treated to a special fire-making ceremony and dance reserved for overnight visitors.