Visitors to Nyungwe National Park can experience the rain forest from a new perspective: the Canopy Walkway. Hanging 60 meters above the forest floor between giant trees and towers, East Africa’s only Canopy Walkway provides a stunning view of the park’s amazing wildlife and nature. The Walkway is accessible as part of a specialized guided tour along the Igishigishigi trail.

Conducted year-round, the Canopy Walkway Tour costs $60 USD per person. All participants must be at least six years of age and children must be accompanied by adults. You should bring a raincoat as rain frequently falls in Nyungwe.  But if you don’t come with a raincoat, you can rent one as well as walking boots and sticks.

All participants must be at least six years of age and children must be accompanied by adults, You should bring a raincoat as rain frequently falls in the forest, But if you don’t come with a raincoat you can rent one as well as walking boots and sticks at the Uwinka visitors centre in the Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Hiking Trails

Nyungwe’s steep landscape makes it as an ideal destination for hikers – whether they’re novices or experienced – as the park boasts an extensive network of hiking trails. The trails are blessed with an amazingly diverse landscape and represent the most scenic way of exploring the forest. The ones listed below are a must for travellers seeking a challenging, yet enjoyable experience:

Congo-Nile Divide Trail

As the name suggests, you’ll get acquainted with two of the world’s most iconic rivers as this multi-day, 227 km trek curves alongside the Congo and the Nile. Geared towards experienced hikers, you will navigate through varied landscapes such as rainforests, bracken fields and bamboo forests during this trek. For those going on a multi-day trek, you don’t have to reserve a campsite areas along the trail have been set aside for camping but you do have to bring your own camping equipment.

Igishigishigi Trail

A comfortable trek for travellers, this 2.1 km hike will amaze you with its majestic views of the Canopy Trail and dazzling wildflowers. The Igishigishigi Trail can also be combined with the longer Imbaraga or Umuyove Trails.

Karamba Trail

Another relatively easy hike, the Karamba Trail – located on the former site of a gold mine, market and army camp – is considered one of the best spots for birding in Nyungwe as it is flanked by numerous fern trees.

Umugote Trail

This hike provides marvellous views of numerous ridges, rainforests, and stunningly beautiful flowers and on a clear day, the Kibira National Park in Burundi. The trail is also a prime location for primate viewing and birding.

Umuyove Trail

Also known as the Mahogany trail, you’ll relax by a waterfall, take a stroll under some of the park’s tallest trees and savour the scent of aromatic leaves during this trek. In addition, the Umuyove trail provides access to several side trails used for chimpanzee viewing.

Uwinka Trail

Although considered a difficult hike, this trail that takes you through rather lovely ravines is the perfect place to listen to early morning bird calls.

Irebero Trail

This trail loops around two of the highest peaks in the park and provides views of Lake Kivu in Rwanda.

Imbaraga Trail

Geared toward experienced hikers, the trail rewards hikers with the sight of four scenic waterfalls – any of them will be refreshing after trekking a little less than 10 km.

Bigugu Trail

The highest peak in the park, this trail offers incredible flora and – on a clear day – views of Lake Kivu as well as hills and islands belonging to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Isumo Trail

This trail takes you through verdant tea fields, a steep rainforest ravine and to top it off, the biggest waterfall in the Nyungwe National Park.

Kamiranzovu Trail

Water enthusiasts will love this trail it features the park’s largest wetland, an ancient swamp and brilliant waterfalls.

Muzimu Trail

A relatively easy hike in the remote north-east part of Rwanda takes your through pine and eucalyptus forests.

Ngabwe Trail

Two paths lead hikers to the summit, which is a lovely picnic and camping site.

Rukuzi Trail

This exhilarating hike provides outstanding chimpanzee spotting locations as well as views of Banda Village, from where you can hear children’s voices carrying up the mountainside.

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