Planning to take primate tours in Rwanda visit the Nyungwe Forest National Park here are some of the tourist attractions that facilitate the tours in this park. The park offers the chimpanzees, bird life, nature walks, and many Eco tourism attractions and activities.

  • Chimpanzee and other primates

Chimpanzees are far from the only creature that will fascinate wildlife lovers in Nyungwe as with 13 recorded species; the park is home to East Africa’s most diverse primate population. Nyungwe is the only location in Africa where you’ll find “super groups” of more than 300 Colobus monkeys and one of the few places worldwide where you’ll see L’Hoest’s monkeys primarily on the main round near Uwinka. Another rare animal you might also run into is the owl-faced monkey, an Albertine Rift endemic that inhabits Nyungwe’s southern forests. In fact, most of the monkey species found in the park are endemic.

  • Birds in Nyungwe forest

Described by Bird life International as “the most important site for biodiversity conservation in Rwanda,” Nyungwe National Park is home to roughly 310 bird species, 27 of which are endemic to the Albertine Rift. Although actually spotting birds in the park’s forests may be challenging, the bird songs you’ll hear during the trek will surely make it more enjoyable. If you would like to learn about birds you might see and hear, book a guide for $50 U.S. at the headquarters of the Rwanda Development Board. The guides so knowledgeable about bird life in Nyungwe they can identify birds by ear, such as the Rwenzori turaco and grey-chested Kakamega.

  • Vegetation in and round Nyungwe forest

Home of the largest block of montane forest in East Africa, it boasts more than 200 different types of trees and 140 species of orchids including eight that are endemic. The park contains numerous medicinal plants that have served as remedies for centuries, such as East African satinwood and California Bayberry.

  • Culture in Nyungwe forest

As wonderful as exploring the diverse ecosystem of the Nyungwe National Park, you really won’t get a feel for the area until you discover its rich culture. The region’s song, dance, music and cuisine are all integral parts of Nyungwe’s culture and walking tours of Banda Village – located 15 km down the mountain from the Uwinka Visitors Centre – represent the perfect setting for learning about an area where people have lived for more than 50,000 years. The tours provide guests the opportunity to participate in activities such as local food tasting and basket weaving and if you’re fortunate, you might able to attend a traditional wedding ceremony and learn about traditional medicine.

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