What to Do and See in Nyungwe Forest National Park


Nyungwe Forest National Park was gazetted in 2014 and it covers a total land area of 970km² and it is located in the south-western parts of the Republic of Rwanda, this park borders Democratic Republic of Congo and it is separated by the Congo Nile. The park is covered by montane forests, bamboo and swamps including some grassland areas.  Nyungwe Forest National Park is composed of 13 Species of Primate, the 1068 plant Species, 310 bird Species plus 85 mammal Species, 38 reptile Species along with 32 amphibian species.

Due to the fact that Rwanda is a land of a thousand hills, Nyungwe forest is ranked among the top largest Tropical montane forest in central and east Africa with an annual rainfall of 2000mm, this makes Nyungwe a one stop center for those who always come to Rwanda for gorilla trekking tours in Volcanoes national park. The park is a nice one and therefore tourists enjoy the different activities at their maximum since it’s not congested, there are different things to see and do within the park.

Birding, out of 300 bird species fund here in Nyungwe, 27 of them are said to be endemic to the park and are found within the Albertine region including Grauer’s Warbler which is found around Kamiranzonvou swamp in Nyungwe, Rwenzori Turacos are also seen over the trees praising the conducive environment through their sounds and soul healing voices purple breasted and the blue headed sun bird can also be spotted here and many more birds hence being a home for birders hide.

Hiking, within Nyungwe forest national park, there are over 13 trails that are free for hiking and all these total up to 130km within the forest and the tea plantations around the park, through this activity, you will discover much more tree species and the different wildlife that is found here including, birds, primates, plants, flowers, butterflies and the trees. You will see how impressive is the landscape which is full of rolling hills and valleys as you experience no sunshine due to the shade provided by the tree canopies.

Chimpanzee Tracking, this is the main national park in Rwanda where chimpanzee tracking is done, before you think of entering the forest, think of your safety first since you are encouraged to move along with your  gears including day pack where you have a couple of liters of water, have long trousers, the long sleeved shirt, rain jacket, the hiking boots and the hat. The activity starts early in the morning in order to catch up with the chimps that constantly build nests in different areas as a result of a long day of searching for food. No worries while with the chimps since they are used to people as they are habituated though maximum respect to the rules and regulations governing trekking is vital since chimps can charge as well as human beings.

Monkey Tracking, you cannot leave Nyungwe minus engaging in monkey tracking, the park has got around 13 primate species including the various types of monkeys such as the Grey Cheeked Mangabeys, Rwenzori Colobus Monkeys, L’Hoest’s Monkey, Owl Faced Monkeys, Mona Monkeys plus other monkeys, prepare your camera as you will take many photos as you may wish as monkeys converge in groups of over 50 individuals

Forest Canopy walk, this is a unique one and it is considered to be the first canopy in east Africa, the canopy is said to be 200m long and 60metres above the forest hence enabling you to have a nice stunning view of the park, tea plantations, monkeys and birds. You need to be steady enough to take up this activity, the beautiful scenery and the green environment good for viewing under the misty day. You cannot miss out Mount Bigugu found inside the park.


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